Museum year in Lithuania

Museum year in Lithuania

The Lithuanian government has declared 2012 as the Year of Museums. 2012 marks the 200 year anniversary of the opening of Lithuania’s first public museum. Museums from all over the country are highlighting this year!

A rich programming featuring a great variety of activities is being offered for International Museum day on 18 May, 2012.
The Lithuanian museum fair is one of the major events being organised by the Lithuanian museum community for the occasion. This “Museums without Walls” fair will be held in the Vilnius Rotuses square, one of the oldest and most beautiful spots in the city. Some 30 museums are expected, and will offer visitors various educational programmes and exhibitions.

Come discover the entire programme of activities for International Museum Day in Lithuania.


Lithuania National Museum, Vilnius

Guiding tour
Museum will be open from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. Break on 5 – 6 p.m. Two guiding tours (1 tour / 25 person): “Gediminaiciai and Jogailaiciai on Throne”, “Lithuanian’s house” – both tours on 7 p.m. More information and registration by phone (+ 370 5) 26 294 26

Free activities

Arsenalo 1, Vilnius
Tel. (+370 5) 26 294 26 Fax. (+370 5) 26 110 23


Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum (LTMCM), Vilnius

In one of the oldest squares of Vilnius – Vilnius Rotušes square is organized the “fair” the moto of which is “Museum without walls”. The visitors of the “fair” will have the opportunity to take part in various educational programmes, exhibitions. 29 Lithuanian museums are expected to take part in this event.
Visitors will have an opportunity to take part at educational programme for children and
adults. Puppet play according to the Lithuanian folk-tale “Sigute”. “Actors”: children, their parents, grandfathers and grandmothers. The demonstration of animated films, created by children in the museum, are expected.
On the European Night of Museums, May 19th, the visitors will have an opportunity to see a long-term exposition returned to life by live music and dance. The visitors will see a performance and concert of young dancers, future ballet and music stars. Surprises and unexpectedness are expected…

Free activities
Tel. (+370 5) 26 224 06 Fax. (+370 5) 26 224 06
Email: – Contact:
Full address of the institution: Vilnius, Vilniaus 41, LT 01119


The Museum of Genocide Victims, Vilnius

An open day and open night at the museum
The Museum of Genocide Victims will hold an open day during which visitors will be able to see the former inner KGB prison and other modern expositions in the museum.
The museum will be open from 10 am to 6 pm
An open night, project “The Road of the Condemned in 1944–1947”, educational session with practical tasks, meeting with the film director of Swedish origin Jonas Ohman and screening of his documentaries in open air.

Free activities

Auku g. 2a, Vilnius
Tel. (+370 5) 24 981 56, (+370 5) 26 615 30 Fax. (+370 5) 24 974 27
Contact: Ramune Driauciunaite –


The Memorial Complex of the Tuskulenai Peace Park, Vilnius

An open day and open night at the museum
The chapel-columbarium of the Memorial Complex of the Tuskulenai Peace Park will be open for visitors from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. All visitors also will be invited to visit permanent exhibition “The Secrets of Tuskulenai Manor” as well as to see temporary exhibitions held in Tuskulenai Memorial Complex.
Event “The road of the Condemned 1977-1947” to commemorate the people murdered and martyred in the NKGB–MGB internal prison in Vilnius; a concert of classical music; educational sessions; documentary movies screening; guided night tours in the Memorial Complex of the Tuskulenai Peace Park and exposition “The Secrets of Tuskulenai Manor”.

Free activities

Žirmunu 1 F, 09101 Vilnius
Tel. (+370 5) 27 507 04, (+370 5) 27 512 23, (+370 5) 27 525 47 Fax. (+370 5) 27 335 18
Contact: Dovile Lauraitiene –


The Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum, Vilnius

The museum will be open up till 6 PM. The visitors will be able to see the exhibitions in the Tolerance Center (Naugarduko Str.10) and Holocaust Exhibition (Pamenkalnio Str. 12) for free.

2 pm guided tour in the Holocaust exhibition;
2 pm guided tour in the exhibition “The Lost World” in the Tolerance Center
3 pm guided tour in the exhibition “Rescued Lithuanian Jewish Child Tells about Shoa” in the Tolerance Center;
4 pm educational program “Jewish languages” in the Tolerance Center.

Free activities

Naugarduko g. 10/2, Vilnius, LT-01141, Lithuania
Tel. (+370 5) 23 123 57 Fax. (+370 5) 231 23 58


Museum of Energy and Technology, Vilnius

Series of events POWER PLANT: Storm!

On 19th of May you will be able to participate in: EKO workshop. At this workshop you will learn to make and decorate your own original pots from used plastic bottles. You will be able to sow and grow your favorite spices, flowers and even vegetables at home!

Science festival: Participants of the festival will present their own unique programs that bring joy to everyone! Misteries of microworld, hydrogen-powered engine, solar panels, pipe of neat dusts, shouting contest, studies of mobile phone radiation, plasma ball, virtual city, chemical crystals, the world of optical illusions, workshop of strange bubbles, hole drilling in the palm of your hand and many more interesting experiments are waiting for you!

ENCOUNTER game! You will experience thrill and excitement and may even see the ghost while wandering in the corridors of Vilnius first power plant. The game starts on 19th of May at 10 pm and 12 pm. To register a team (3-4 people), send an e-mail with the team-name and contacts of the team captain to until May 10th.

Free activities

Rinktines st. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone. (+370 5) 27 820 85


Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania, Vilnius

On the 19th of May the Museum will accept visitors from 10:00 to 24:00
Demonstration of films about the history of money and banking, functions of the Bank of Lithuania in the Exhibition and Education Hall at fixed hours
Tasks, crosswords, interactive tests for individual visitors and visitor groups with a possibility to win prizes  
Question/answer sheets for parents with 5 to 10 year old children

After seeing films one will be able to win prizes for the right answers on the films seen 
Visitors will receive special prizes prepared for the event for the right solution of tasks, crosswords and tasks

Free activities

Totoriu g. 2/8, LT-01121 Vilnius
Tel. (+370 5) 268 334, (+370 5) 268 346

Museum of Minerals at the Institute of Geology and Geography, Nature Research Centre, Vilnius

The visitors will be taken in for a longer time than usual (till 7 pm). Classes teaching to read the transformations of the earth crust recorded in the stone will be organized.

On the Museum Day, practical classes for groups of students and other willing persons will be held. They will be toughed to identify minerals and rocks and to describe fossils by simple methods taking into account the polish, colour, transparency, solidity, fissility, fragility, refraction, permeance and other properties of stone. By mere examination of a plain field stone, they will be able to read its past and present and get an idea about the factors which formed and transformed it and the Earth. Visitors are allowed to bring along their own interesting stones. The class time should be arranged in advance.

Free activities

T. Sevcenkos g. 13, Vilnius
Tel. (+370 5) 21 047 16


Museum of Zoology of Vilnius University, Vilnius

Exhibition “Educational armamentarium in Zoology: from posters to high-tech” and guided tour in Zoological Museum.
On the 18th of May – specialized viewing of exhibition for higher forms (schoolchild). Investigation of differences and similarities of animals, information about education armamentarium in Zoology from old times till present day – everything will be discussed.
On the 19th of May – excursion: “Personalities in the history of Museum of Zoology of Vilnius University” for general public: at 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm. Different questions might be discussed while enjoying the views of the oldest Zoological collection in Lithuania. Registration from 10/5/2012 to 17/5/2012 by e-mail:,

Free activities

Museum of Zoology of Vilnius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, M. K. Ciurlionio str. 21/27 (3 floor), LT-03101, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. (+370 5) 23 982 69
Contact: Dr. Grita Skujiene –


Lithuanian Library for the Blind, Vilnius

Demonstration of audio described movie Anarchy in Zhirmunai; display of tactile books; permanent exhibition of the Lithuanian History Museum of the Blind (many of the exhibits can be touched, including three-dimensional architectural objects).

On the 18th of May: At 12 and 3 pm – Demonstration of movie starts. Audio description is a special service for the blind, enabling them to understand the contents and the story of the film, allowing them to follow the sequence of events, etc. Screen time: 1.40 hours, plus time for discussions.
At 11.30 am and 2.30 pm display of tactile books starts. Tactile book display: they are created for visually impaired children and are “read” by touch. Visitors will be blindfolded, and using their fingers will try to guess what is depicted in a tactile illustration. Duration: 30 min.
At 2 pm and 5 pm permanent exhibition tour starts. Visitors will get a lot of interesting and new information on the life of the Lithuanian blind. Duration: 30 min.
On the 19th of May the same programme, only time is different: film demonstration starts at 4 pm and 7 pm.; tactile book tour starts at 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm; permanent museum exhibition tour starts at 3 pm and 6 pm.
Advance registration is required for all events.

Free activities

Skroblu g. 10, LT-03142 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. (+370 5) 215 06 15 Fax.(+370 5) 215 06 11


Railway museum, Vilnius (Branches in Šiauliai and Kaunas)

Cycle of events “International Museum Day in Railway museum”: Railway Museum invites all people to visit the new exhibition, to know Lithuanian railway history and to hear interesting stories about railway and it‘s people from the museum guide.

In Vilnius: On the 18th of May from 9 am till 8 pm – free entry; at 2 pm and 4 pm – films of Lithuanian railway demonstration; 6 pm – 8 pm – free entry to new open-air rolling stock‘s exposition of Railway museum.
On the 19th of May we offer an opportunity to visit the exhibition of rolling stocks, which is not open to public so far. There you will see diesel train D1, electric train ER9M, track machine VPR 1200 Nr. 232 and rail motor-car DGKu Nr. 360.
9 am-8 pm – Free entry to Railway Museum; at 12 – Creative afternoon for children „Train in my dreams“; Railway Museum together with public company „Meda Project” will introduce you with Ebru art and let you paint your own picture. At 4 pm – Theatrical tour in a historical diesel train D-1 in open-air rolling stock‘s exhibition of Railway Museum.
Railway Museum in Kaunas (M. K. Ciurlionio g. 16, Kaunas):On the 18th of May: 12.00-14.00 Children’s drawings exhibition “Museums in a changing world” opening in Kaunas railway station passenger’s hall; 12.00-14.00 Free visiting “Kaunas railway infrastructure” museum.
Railway Musuem in Siauliai (Dubijos g. 26, Siauliai): On the 18th of May: 12-4 pm – Free entry to Railway Musuem; 12-4 pm – Opening of the exhibition “Railway history of Siauliai from 1871 until now”; 1 pm – Drawing competition on asphalt “Draw a locomotive”;3 pm – Competition “All that I have seen, what I have heard, to remember”.

Free activities

Railway Museum, Gelezinkelio g. 16, LT- 01047 Vilnius
Tel. (+370 5) 2693 741


M. K. Ciurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas


All museum’s branches and exhibitions will be visited for free. IMD exhibitions: “Mirábile visu/ Miracle to see. M. K. Ciurlionis National museum of Art 1921–2011“ (M. Zilinskas Art Gallery, Nepriklausomybes sq. 1, Kaunas), Egidijus Rudinskas Graphic Exhibition (Kaunas Pisture Gallery, Donelaicio st. 16, Kaunas), „Liubov Varshavskaja – National Costume from Russian North“ (A. Zmuidzinavicius Creations and Collections Museum, Putvinskio st. 64, Kaunas), „ Young Glass and Porcelain Artisans“ (Ceramics Museum, Rotusės sq. 14, Kaunas)

On the 19th of May From 5pm till 11 pm – “Stories of History”. Activities at the exhibition “Mirábile visu/ Miracle to see”. M. K. Ciurlionis National museum of Art 1921–2011“. It is the biggest exhibition in the museum’s history; there are 1117 exhibits which tell very fascinating and even detective stories about artifacts’ way to the museum. Guided tours with museum collections curators, special educational programmes to families, films about art and artists.

Free activities

M. Zilinskas Art Gallery, Nepriklausomybės sq. 12, Kaunas
Tel. (+370 37) 322579 Fax. (+370 37) 222606


Kaunas the Ninth Fort Museum, Kaunas

„The assault and defense of the frontal positions of Kaunas Fortress in 1915” 

The historical military reenactment of the World War I episode: the assault of the German Empire army on the frontal positions of Kaunas Fortress in 1915. The clubs of historical military reenactment will take part in event from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Belarus.

Free activities

Zemaiciu str. 73, LT-47435, Kaunas, Lithuania.
Tel. (+370 37) 377 715 Fax. (+370 37) 377 715
Contact: Jurgita Adomaitienė –


Vytautas the Great War Museum, Kaunas

Show on the 19th of May from 6 pm till midnight
On 19th of May you will have a rare chance to visit  Vytautas the Great War Museum at night. Visitors will be able to see and participate themselves in shows with medieval music, dances, knight fights. Visiting exposition halls you will be able to see historical characters and try your luck in finding Vytautas the Great War Museum treasure. The show will begin from 6 pm to midnight. You always are welcome!
For detail information please visit:

Free activities

Donelaicio str. 64, LT-44248
Tel. (+370 37) 32 09 39; (+370 37) 32 07 65
Fax. (+370 37) 32 07 65
Contact: Regina Rajeckienė – regina.rajeckienė;  (+370 37) 32 09 39

Museum of Lithuanian Education History, Kaunas

Free entrance to the museum all week, presentation of a new educational project „Secrets of a Moving Museum“

Visitors will be able to enter the Museum of Lithuanian Education History for free from May 14 to May 18. New interactive educational project „Secrets of a Moving Museum“ will be presented to teachers and the public.
On the 19th of May, at 6 pm the event, „The palette of Visions and Sounds of the Museum“, begins. Inside the museum the staff, dressed in traditional Medieval, Interwar and Soviet era attire and acting as teachers of the time, will be telling stories, showing exhibits, answering questions; to a concert performed by students from a music school. A creative workshop will be taking place in the museum‘s backyard; a play „What would Socrates say“. Later on participants will be able to write their wishes to the city and its residents on small leaves of paper and decorate the Tree of Life. The night will end with the concert Light of a fire at night, where all participants will be encouraged to take their own instruments and perform to each other around a fire.

Free activities

Vytauto pr. 52, Kaunas
Tel. (+ 370 37) 206 210 Fax. (+ 370 37) 207 936
Contact: Daiva Žiurauskienė – ; (+370 37) 206210


Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum, Kaunas


Let’s read Maironis’ poems by heart – on the 19th of May
Visitors will be able to visit Maironis’ house, see memorial rooms, exhibitions, old gothic vaults. Also everyone will have an opportunity to read Poet’s poems, to sing the songs by heart.

Free activities

13 Rotusės a., Kaunas
Tel. (+370 37) 206 842


Juozas Tumas-Vaizgantas Memorial Apartment-Museum (The Department of Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum), Kaunas

Poetry and music evening at Vaizgantas’ apartment – on the 19th of May
Unforgettable poetry and music evening in several rooms at once starts at 7 pm. You must be there!

Free activities

10-4 Aleksoto Str., Kaunas
Tel. (+370 37) 222371


Juozas Grušas Memorial Museum (The Department of Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum), Kaunas

Poetry and music evening in the garden of playwright on the 19th of May
Poetry and music evening in the garden of Juozas Grušas will be held by the actors and musicians. Visitors will have an opportunity to visit playwright’s house, see memorial rooms and the latest exposition with very interesting exhibits. The evening starts at 7 pm.

Free activities

93 Kalniečių Str., Kaunas
Tel. +370 37 330860


Kaunas City Museum, Kaunas

Eco-workshop, exhibition of visitors’ creations, long opening hours.
On the 18th of May Kaunas City Museum will raise visitors’ awareness of global problems and become an eco-ambassador. With the slogan “Kaunas City Museum – for clean and safe planet” will invite every visitor to pay attention to waste sorting and recycling and to join the all-day workshop “Don’t throw – create a miracle!” This workshop will end with the exhibition of visitors’ creations.
On the 19th of May the museum will be open long hours and invite the visitors to visit museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions at night for free.

Free entry from 4 pm till 9 pm, Free activities
Kaunas City Museum, M. Valanciaus g. 6, LT-44275, Kaunas
Tel. (+370 37) 208 220 Fax. (+370 37) 208 220
Contact: Reda Zekiene, vice-director –


Kaunas Castle (Kaunas City Museum branch), Kaunas

May 18th – 20th – Medieval feast in Kaunas Castle; free guided tours
All the weekend the museum will invite their visitors to visit the Middle Ages and to play medieval games, tray medieval dances, learn medieval handicrafts and make together a big medieval Kaunas city seal from clay.
On the 19th of May Kaunas Castle will be open for visitors till 10 pm.
At 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm – free guided tours inside the Kaunas Castle. Registration in advance by phone is needed.

Free activities

Kaunas Castle,the branch of Kaunas City Museum, Pilies g. 17, LT-44322, Kaunas
Phone: (+370 37) 300 672
Fax: (+370 37) 208 220
Contact: Reda Zekiene, vice-director –


Povilas Stulgas’ museum of Lithuanian folk music instruments, Kaunas


Specialy iluminated mueum’s yard; Free museum‘s visiting; Museum’s open-air exhibition; educational programme.


On the 18th and 19th of May every visitor will be able to look at the museum‘s exhibitions for free. Museum‘s yard will be decorated with special illuminations, that will help to create a special atmosphere, reflecting the old times of Lithuania. There will be also organized an open-air exhibition in museum‘s yard, during which every one interested will be able to look around and gain more knowledge about Lithuania‘s traditional music instruments and their manufacture.
On the 19th of May there will be an educational program organized in museum’s yard, during which, people will be taught Lithuanian traditional dances.

Free activities

Zamenhofas st. 12, LT-44287 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.(+370 37) 20 68 20; (+370 37) 42 22 95
Contact: Museum‘s event organizer Tatjana Vilčinskienė – menovadovė, tel.: (+370 37) 222464, (+370 686) 10691

Juozas Naujalis Memorial Museum, Raudondvaris, Kaunas region

Virtual lecture-exhibition, 10 years activities anniversary of Juozas Naujalis Memorial museum: activities and future”. A special cultural event under the theme ,,Naujalis and Maironis”. Free entry and activities, free guided visits.

Visitors will be introduced to the activities of Juozas Naujalis Memorial Museum during the period of 10 years of it’s action and future perspectives.
There will take place a special cultural event under the theme ,,Naujalis and Maironis” devoted to the 150 years birthday anniversary of famous Lithuanian poet Maironis and his friedship with well known Lithuanian composer from Raudondvaris Juozas Naujalis (1869-1934): lecture; exhibition; festival under the name of Juozas Naujalis of mixed choirs. Visitors will have an opportunity to hear songs and music of XIX-XX centuries (words created by Maironis and music by Juozas Naujalis). This festival will be organized in partnership with cultural centre of Raudondvaris, Kaunas region.

Free entry and activities, free guided visits.

Juozas Naujalis Memorial Museum, Raudondvaris, Kaunas region
Tel.(+370 37) 449 601, (+370 612) 53 314


Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas

Excursion “Return to the University of Lithuania”
A sightseeing tour of the remaining buildings of the University of Lithuania for the academic community of the University, school children and Kaunas citizens. Kaunas University of Technology owns three historical buildings of the University of Lithuania where International Studies Centre, and Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences are currently located. Those attending the excursion will be able to visit the University’s Aula and classrooms; they will be introduced with traditions of the University of Lithuania, students’ leisure time and pranks.

Free activities

Museum of Kaunas University of Technology, K. Donelaicio St. 73, LT – 44029 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel. (+370 37) 30 06 33 Fax.(+370 37) 32 41 44
Contact: Ph. D. Audronė Veilentienė, Museum director –


Lithuanian Sea Museum, Klaipėda

18th May 2012: Open door day; Names – giving festival; Round table with Lithuanian Sea Museum specialists. 19th of May: event “Pirates of the Baltic Sea”

18th May from 11 am to 3 pm museum invites to join round table discussions with our specialists – managers, animal keepers, curators. Visitors will be able to look behind the scenes of the museum taking part in the specials excursions to the collection storage rooms and to meet the sea birds and mammals keepers and to admire Californian Sea lions programme in the museum amphitheatre. In the inner yard of Nerija fort the exhibition Seals- owners of the Baltic Sea will be on display.
19th May from 6.30 pm till 9 pm Nerija fort will be occupied by the pirates of the Baltic Sea. Everybody who wants to listen to the romantic pirate stories, to learn pirate dances, songs, fights, to find a hidden treasure in the Nerija fort and to feel himself as real pirate for one night are welcomed to the Nerija fort to join us. All the visitors have to be dressed and equipped like pirates! Award is waiting for those who will be best prepared for the big pirate adventure.

Free activities

Lithuanian Sea Museum, Smiltyne str. 3, LT-93100 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Tel. (+370 46) 492 250; Fax. (+370 46) 490 750


The History Museum of Lithuania Minor, Klaipėda

Exposition “Klaipėda old-advertising – a sign of the previous epochs”; Event “Klaipėda in the 3rd decade of the XXth century”
The exposition “Klaipėda old-advertising – a sign of the previous epochs” is scheduled to open in the History Museum of Lithuania Minor on 11 May. The exposition will show Klaipėda’s city and regional advertising from the museum archives.
It is planned that the theatrical event “Klaipėda in the 3rd decade of the XXth century” will take place in the History Museum of Lithuania Minor on 19 May from 8 till 12 pm.

Free activities

Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Tel. (+ 370 46) 41 05 23 Fax. (+ 370 46) 41 05 27
Contact: Asta Grušelionienė, Assistant director for culture –


Trakai History Museum, Trakai

The exhibition of paintings, Reccurences to the Homeland” by Edward Narkiewicz and event “Night at the Museum”

On the 18th of May – The exhibition of paintings ,,Reccurences to the Homeland” by Edward Narkiewicz .
The Trakai Island Castle will open its gates at night on 18th May for the seventh time in the history of the museum. Do not miss this opportunity! You will want to come back again and again to see unique displays, tours, concerts, medieval duels and to search for hidden treasure and other unforgettable surprises that await you in the medieval castle.

Tickets prices: for adults – 20 Lt, for schoolchildren, students and seniors – 10 Lt.

Kestucio g.4, LT 21104, Trakai
Tel. (+370 528) 53 941 Fax. (+370 528) 55 288
Contact : Brigita Balcytiene –


Janina Monkute-Marks museum, Kedainiai

Tours, repository visiting, participation in the exhibition, survey, event “Museum Stories”.

On the 18th of May: free tours (must be arranged); repository visiting; will be held exhibition “Museum and the World” where participants will be all visitors with their artworks (there will be a place to exhibit); will be a big stand where visitors will be able to write personal opinion and suggestions.
On the 19th of May, 6 pm – 10 pm – artistic event, theme “Museum Stories” – Arts & Crafts: creating Night of Museums flag; making pinyatas‘; large sculpture; action „Draw Me a Story“; land art. Games: water shooting; Pinyatas‘ game. Outdoor exhibitions: arts and crafts exhibition; stone sculpture park. Inside expositions: international small size works exhibition; potluck exhibition „Museum and the World“; permanent collection of paintings by Janina Monkute-Marks. Performances: live music; dancing show. 10.00 pm – Celebration Closure – flying the Night of Museums flag.

On the 18th of May admission fee – 4 Lt, for students and retirees – 2 Lt. For free: tours, repository visiting, participation in the exhibition, survey. On the 19th of May all activities are free.

J. Basanaviciaus g. 45, LT-57182, Kedainiai, Lithuania
Tel.(+370 347) 57 398 Fax.(+370 347) 60 270
Contact : Curator Gertrūda Žiliūtė

Šiauliai Aušros Museum, Šiauliai

The stylized outdoor event and exhibition “Chaimas Frenkelis’ Villa and Leather Factory in Šiauliai – Urbi et Orbi” interprets the most important realia, related to this unique complex at the junction of 19th–20th centuries and also today.

May 19th, 8 pm–midnight
Šiauliai Aušros Museum, Ch. Frenkelis Villa, Vilniaus St. 74, Šiauliai
8 pm Opening of the event.
8.40 pm Presentation of historic exhibition and shoe collection.
9.10 pm Jazz concert in Villa’s park with Vytis Nivinskis and band “Baisios stygos”
10 pm Performance with light and shadows play and music in Villa’s park, video projections.
10.20 pm Concert of Šiauliai Big Band.
11.30 pm Festive fireworks.
Midnight Closing.
During the event at Ch. Frenkelis Villa:
Promenading in exposition halls.
Personages’ “nightbirding”.
Historical exhibition, presentations of designers’ collections, programmes of feature films.
Gourmand experiencies: coffee and chocolate served by cafe “Centro šokoladinė”.

Free activities

Vytauto St. 89, Šiauliai
Tel. +370 41 52 69 33 Fax. +370 41 52 69 33
Contact : Deimantė Bačiulė, Head of Public Relations Department at Šiauliai Aušros Museum –, tel. +370 41 43 36 80


The Republican Vaclovas Intas Stone Museum, Mosedis, Skuodas region


Presentation of a new exhibition, guided tour “What do the rocks, witnesses of Earths history, explain” on the 19th of May
At 12.00: An updated classification of the rocks, geological maps, fossilized animals (fossils), stones brought from different countries, a very rich collection of sands. New exhibits – the fossilized foreign bodies, extracted from the human organism during the medical operations.
New exhibition presents the evolution of the earth and living organisms. With the computer terminals visitors will be able to discover the topic of geo-materials independently.

Free activities

Salantu g. 2, Mosedis, Skuodas region
Tel. (+370 440) 76 291 Fax. (+370 440) 76 352
Contact: Senior specialist educologists Birute Razguvienė


Marijampole Local Lore Museum, Marijampole

Performance, guided tours, participation in the “Lithuanian Museums Fair”
On the 16th of May – the activities “Get to know your city”:
Performance “My city – it is me”
The award of winners of the quiz “Curves of the history” for the radio station “Kapsai” audience
Guided tours in Marijampole city at night
On the 18th of May you will find our museum in Museums fair in Vilnius Rotuses square. An educational programme “Traditional sashes weaving” and photo exhibition “Marijampole Area’s Sashes” will be presented.

Free activities

Vytauto g. 29, Marijampolė LT-68300
Tel. (+370 343) 54 575 Fax. (+370 343) 56 288


The Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology, Village of Kulionys, Čiulėnų parish, Molėtai district

Daytime excursions from 9 am to 9 pm on the 18th of May; Night time excursions from 10 pm to 3 am on the 19th of May.

On the 18th of May: Daytime excursions from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
There will be a possibility to visit the museum with a guide, to learn more about ethnocosmology, to watch a video program and to be taken up 32 m. to the observation spot for observation of surroundings.
On the 19th of May: Night time excursions from 10 p. m. to 3 a.m.
There will be a possibility to visit the museum with a guide, to learn more about ethnocosmology and to observe night sky using a 80 cm. (mirror diameter) telescope, that is one of the largest public telescopes in Europe.
It is necessary to register by phone (+ 370 383) 45 424.

Fee for visitors: 2 Litas.

Village of Kulionys, Čiulėnai parish, Molėtai district
Tel. (+370 383) 45 424 Fax. (+370 383) 45 424
Contact: Linas Šmigelskas –, (+370 674) 61002


Samogitian museum „Alka“ of Telšiai municipality, Telšiai

Event “Welcome the Samogitian village museum”

May 18th at 2 pm, we invite visitors to the Samogitian village museum (Malūno g.5, Telšiai). The exhibition opens its doors after two years of renovation. The rich farmers, medium and small peasants homestead are renovated and the public sector, including wooden windmill, forge, cemetery, too. Exposition will be featured in all homesteads.
Visitors will be able to ride a carriage, to admire the horses Žemaitukai.
Žemaitės Drama Theatre will play performance “Marti” by Žemaitė. Educational events, folk art fair and picnic will be held, the teahouse will be open.
Samogitian village exposure address: Malūno g. 5, 87392-Telšiai

Free activities

Muziejaus g. 31, 87357 Telšiai
Tel. (+370 444) 70 282 Fax. (+370 444) 70 282
Contact: Ingrida Vaitiekienė, Ethnic culture and Samogitian village Head – tel. +370601 92417


Pagėgiai municipality M. Jankus Museum, Bitėnai, Lumpėnai dream. Pagėgiai municipality

Exhibition, tours, performance, concert

It is an exhibition, guided tours, performance and night concert in plans. Information about the events will be adjusted.

Free activities

Bitėnai, LT- 99265 Lumpėnai sen., Pagėgiai Municipality, Lithuania
Phone: (+370 441) 42736
Contact : Director Liudvika Burzdžiuvienė phone. +370 656 15021


Dogs museum, Palanga

Opening of a new exposition that will show all the new exhibits, donated or given to the museum since the day of its opening. The exposition will be permanent.

On May 18th, 2012, the museum will open its doors at a regular time, i.e. at 4 p.m. and will show the exhibition of all items given, acquired or presented to the museum since its opening in year 2009. At 6 p.m. there’ll be an unveiling of a three meter long sculpture of a dog in the flower-bed in front of the museum-building. This will be followed by an official opening of a new exposition, that’ll run till the end of the year.
On May 19th, 2012, the Dogs museum will be open from 4 p.m. till midnight and will welcome its visitors with a renewed exposition and a huge dog sculpture at its door.

Free activities

Taikos str. 8, LT- 00116 Palanga, Lithuania
Phone: +370 688 18820
Contact:Vytautas Kusas –, tel.+370 688 18820


Rokiškis Regional Museum, Rokiškis

Conference, exhibition opening
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) conference of young scientists “K. Šešelgis readings 2012” will be held (May 17-18) and the art exhibition will be open of the regional family of Šešelgiai, “Creation work – the source, which connects and warms us” (May 17). The composition of music and literature, “Under the museum’s vaults murmurs the spring of time”, on May 19th is expected.

Free activities

Tyzenhauzų al. 5, Rokiškis
Tel. (+370 458) 52 835 Fax. (+370 458) 52 835
Contact: Marijona Miliauskienė, deputy director of the museum –


Šilutė Museum, Šilutė

Free Šilutė Museum exhibition attendance; free guided tours; the event “Museums in a changing world; Young artists’ interpretations in the space of the museum”.

On the 18th of May from 10 am to 6 pm museum visitors will be able to access to museum exhibits and exhibitions. At 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm for museum visitors will be conducted free of charge excursions.
On the 19th of May at 8 pm the event “Museums in a changing world; Young artists’ begins (H. Scheu estate Lietuvininku st. 4). From 8 pm to 9 pm visiting museum in candlelight; From 9pm to 9.30pm creative work of young artists from Šilutė: perform designers, artists, photographers; From 9.30pm to 9.50pm Šilutė Vydūnas gymnasium theater studio “Ieškojimai” appearance; From 9.50pm to 10.50pm young musicians concert; From 11pm to 12pm Educational lesson of “Soviet repression reenactment”( Macikai concentration camp-punishment cell Museum in Macikai village).

Free activities

Lietuvininkų st. 36, LT 99179, Šilutė
Tel. +370 441 62207 Fax. +370 441 77785


Museum of Nalshia, Švenčionys

A trip to the Regional Park Sirveta; the event “A night in the Museum – the Legends and Myths of Nalšia Land”
Visitors will have an opportunity to see various natural objects that are protected by the Park Security. Other relevant issues, such as global warming, climate change, the damage to the environment, will be discussed there as well.

An exhibition in the Nalšia Museum of Nature will be organized according to the practical and educational activity ‘Explore Lithuanian Birds’. The visitors of the museum will be able to listen to records of birds’ songs and try to identify them. During these activities, people will be introduced with different environmental issues related with human actions and encouraged to struggle for the protection of nature.

On the 19th of May the event “A night in the Museum The Legends and Myths of Nalšia Land” will take place at night. The visitors of the Museum will be able to listen to stories, legends and folksongs, which are specific to this region.

Free activities

Laisvės a. 1, Švenčionys LT-18114
Tel. (+370 387) 51 831


The Museum of Ancient Equipment, Smalininkai, Jurbarkas district

Social events from 18 May, at noon to 19 May, 6 am: attendance of museums, opening of the new pavilion, presentation of culinary heritage and organization of a concert.

Social events from 18 May, at noon to 19 May, 6:00 am
Noon: opening the museum’s new pavilion History of Science and Technology, paying respects and giving awards to museum sponsors, taking a walking tour of the whole museum.
All museum visitors will be involved in the preparation and tasting of dishes of culinary heritage, such as Lithuanian heart shaped waffles and fish soup. A concert will be given by the local amateur groups.
10 pm –19 May, 6 am: Museum tour; bonfire lighting; reading of self-made poems; amateur performance; degustation of culinary heritage dishes (heart shaped waffles and other dishes); bonfire games and conversations.

Free activities

Liepų g. 2, Smalininkai, Jurbarkas region
Tel. (+370 650) 35 586; (+370 612) 88 209


Stripeikiai Traditional Apiculture Museum, Stripeikiai willage, Ignalina district

Free guided tours in the museum; concert

On the 18th of May – Free guided tours, named “From bloom till comb”. The visitors will be served with herbal tee and honey.
On the 19th of May the Night of Bard Music will take place in the museum. The information for the participants about the event will be announced beforehand, all the willing will be able to participate. The concert will take place in the open air. The participants and visitors will be served with herbal tee and honey; all the willing will have an access to the exhibition.

Free activities

Stripeikių k., Ignalinos r.
Tel. (+370 386) 36210; (+370 386) 47478 Fax. (+370 386)53135


Basketball Museum, Joniškis

The opening ceremony of a new Basketball Museum room (“The Gold of Lithuanian Basketball”; Educational program for schoolchildren. Guided tours.
On the 18th of May visit the mueum for free. Visiting hours: 10.00 – 11.00, 11.00-12.00, 13.00-14.00, 14.00-15.00, 15.00-16.00, 16.00-17.00, 17.00-18.00. For groups no more than 20 people. The duration time of the excursion 40-50 min. Visitors should book excursions in advance by phone.

Opening ceremony of a new Basketball Museum room “The Gold of Lithuanian Basketball”. Educational program for schoolchildren “Get acquainted with the history of Lithuanian Basketball”. During the visit schoolchildren hear the history of basketball, take part in the quiz show, get presents.

On the 19th of May the museum will be open at night. The activity „The Night of Basketball“; competition of free throw; competition of three point throw; youth activity „I sing about basketball“: the evening with the songs about basketball in the entertainment center „Žilvinas“.

Free activities

Livonijos st. 3; II floor, Joniškis, Lithuania
Tel. (+370 612) 89986 Fax. (+370 426) 612 09
Contact: Leonas KaraliūnasTel –, +370 612 89986


Local area museum of Gargždai, Gargždai

Display film “We are small but our works are generous”, traveling exhibition “Visit us, we are creative”.

On the 18th of May the visitors will find us at Vilnius Rotušės square, in the Fair of Lithuanian Museums. We will demonstrate film “We are small but our works are generous” which represents the Local Area Museum of Gargždai. Exhibition “Visit us, we are creative” will be exhibited to represent museum for citizens of Vilnius and guests of Lithuania. We will try to associate with as much people as we can. We will speak about Local Area Museum of Gargždai and invite people to visit our museum.

On the 19th of May we will demonstrate film and exhibition which was presented in Vilnius on International Museums Day 2012. It will be set up in museums yard for citizens and guests. The second part – travelling exhibition “The community of Jews in Gargždai” will be represented in museum and film from museums data base will be demonstrated.

Free activities

Sodo street 5, Gargždai
Tel. (+370 46) 452 214 Fax. (+370 46) 452 214
Contact: Audra Jankeliūnienė, Museum director –


Zanavykai Region Museum, Village of Girenai, Sakiai region

On the 18th of May the museum will be open till midnight; special guided tours; free entry.

Free activities

Muziejaus g. 1, Girėnų k., Šakių r. LT-71131
Tel. (+370 345) 45 635


Brazauskas family house – museum, Kaisiadorys

On the 19th of May – “Night of Museum”
Brazauskas family house – museum will invite all visitors to play night football and to enjoy cinema in the open air. Kaišiadorys town guests and residents will be introduced with the most famous places of the town during orienteering game. All the participants will be entertained by live music performance and photography exhibition.

Free activities

J. Biliūno g. 26, Kaišiadorys
Tel. (+370 346) 51 747, (+370 346) 51 192
Contact : Asta Sabonyte –


Kaunas T. Ivanauskas Zoological Museum, Kaunas

On the 18th of May:

At 11.30 am Lecture in the cinema hall of museum (1st floor);

Lecture title: Birds and Men; Lecturer: Saulius Rumbutis (Head of the Ornithological Department).
If birds could speak they wouldn’t say anything good about men. What good can be said of those who killed the largest living bird in the world Aepyornis, slightly smaller dodos and many other avian species? We are destroying at great speed bird habitats: forests, natural meadows, marshes.  Many birds perish after collisions with high voltage power lines, cars, wind turbine blades, drown entangled in fishing nets. Truth, we establish protection areas for birds,   pass laws designated to safeguard them, carry on different conservation projects, raise nesting-boxes and feed birds in winter. But is it enough the birds could talk about human beings sweetly?

At 12.00, Museum cinema hall, “Meeting the Ospreys”

(documentary, director M. Survila, the award of film maker Petras Abukevičius for the Best Lithuanian documentary of nature)

At 2 pm , Museum cinema hall, documentary “Winged migration”

Pupils’ works exhibition of Kaunas educational institutions dedicated for the Earth Day and the World Biodiversity Day.


Free activities


Laisvės al. 106, LT-44253 Kaunas
Tel. (+370 37) 22 96 75  Fax. (+370 37) 22 96 75
Contact: Audronė Kleišmantienė, Head of Excursion Department – (+370 615) 93243; (+370 37) 22 25 43


Kretinga Museum, Kretinga

Talk Hour “Museums in changing world. New challenges, new inspiration”
In 2012, 18 May, at 3 o’clock p.m. Talk Hour “Museums in changing world. New challenges, new inspiration” will be held in Kretinga Museum. There will take part politicians of the region, members of the Seimas, members of Kretinga Museum Council, chairmen of rural communities, foremen of the town, society of the town.

Event for youth “Youth for Museum”
In the event “Youth for Museum” music groups of Kretinga non- governmental organizations will participate and present their framework programs. They will also take part in the quiz “Calendar Holidays and Ancient Crafts”. They will get acquainted with the ethnographic exposition as well.   The event will take place in a restored water mill on 18 May, 6 p.m.

Free activities

Vilniaus g. 20, LT- 97104, Kretinga, Lithuania
Tel.  (+370 445) 77 323 Fax. (+370 445) 77 323


Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas, Kaunas

Activities organized for IMD 2012 and European Night of Museums: Indoor and open-air exhibitions, open-air guided tours

On the 18th of May– free admission to the exhibition “For the Honor of Lithuania! Awards of Lithuanian Athletes in 1918-1940”.

On the 19th of May – The visitors are invited to listen to the “Garden stories” (7 pm – 11 pm, under favorable weather conditions). Surrounded by the open-air exhibition “Flocking to the city: Lithuanian Agricultural and Industrial Exhibitions in Kaunas 1922–1936”, visitors will hear the stories about the Presidential Palace, Presidents’ families and daily life, the life styles at the provisional capital, its numerous festivals, which attracted thousands of guests.

Free activities

Vilnius st. 33, Kaunas LT-44290, Lithuania
Tel. (+370 37) 201778 Fax. (+370 37) 201778
Contact : Renata Mikalajūnaitė, Head of the museum –


Birzai region museum “Sela”, Birzai


On May 19 at 12 will star march from the place of old Radziwills` castle in Papilys to Birzai to commemorate birth date of Janush Radziwill, the Duke of Birzai Duchy. In march will participate soldiers from the detachments of Janush Radziwill from Rukla, members of Military History Club, members of Old vehicles, representatives of village communities, youth organizations from Birzai. All volunteers are welcome to participate. At 6 p.m. meeting of participants of the march will take place at the Birzai Castle. At 7 p.m. concert of harpsichord music in the palace of the Birzai Castle.

From 6 until the end of events visiting of the museum is free.

Tel. +370 450 33390 Fax.+ 370 450 31883
Contact name: Lina Kuncyte –